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Non slip floor treatments for your business or home


A professional response to a common problem

Slippery floors are dangerous and a leading cause of accidents in both the workplace and the home. You have a duty of care whether you are a homeowner or business manager to ensure the safety of your premises. Don't put yourself at risk of litigation by being negligent.

Wherever there is water on hard floor surfaces, a slip injury can occur. The probability of accidental slipping will be greatly reduced by applying the correct non slip floor treatment.

'Be confident in the care you have provided.'

Our qualified technicians will measure the current slip risk of your floor surface, treat a small sample area and verify what can be acheived by using our professional grade treatment.

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Testing floor surfaces

In order to determine the extent of the slip hazard, Safe Living will measure the slip risk associated with your floor surface. You will then receive recommendations for the correct non slip treatment of your floor.

Treating floor surfaces

The best quality products are used to achieve a verifiable result. Our professional, courteous staff are mindful of your property and minimise disruption to your activities.


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